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Hello all!
As you can see, we're revamping the blog section of our website. Here's some updates on what's going on and what's to come in the near future.
Inventory & Restock
We are currently in the process of fulfilling a double-wholesale order for Lavish Bath Box. Get ready for the June box from them! It's going to be an amazing one with other incredible small business owners. As soon as this wholesale order is finished, we'll be going into double time and creating a lot of new products for the season! You'll be seeing a few new bath bombs, a couple new bubble bars, a new shower gel, a new whipped soap, some new wax, and a new theme box coming VERY soon featuring an amazing wax from our friends at Dank Stanks Wax Melts! Our inventory now is currently running low, so we're setting a sale to happen this coming weekend to help move inventory out and make room for new stuff! We hope everyone is as excited as we are. 
Social Media Updates
We have always been most active on Instagram because a large chunk of the bath community hangs out in that area. We have recently started working on making the Facebook VIP Group more active, so we've implemented daily bath/wax challenges, and will also be monitoring the most active members every month. The top contributor will receive a free prize, and the other top 9 will receive an exclusive coupon code (good for only one use). We understand there's a large part of the community that's on Facebook that doesn't really use Instagram so we're trying to cater to this crowd as well. We don't like anyone feeling left out.
There will also be more brand reps added on Instagram, so be watching to see who will be coming on so you can follow them for exclusive codes and demo's of their favorite Fo Shizzle Products. We also are adding mods / reps to the Facebook group! 
Touching On The Upcoming Theme Box
We had previously mentioned a new theme box coming in June featuring a wax from Dank Stanks. We are happy to announce The Big Dirty Bath Box, a Trailer Park Boys theme box! We're still creating items for this theme box so keep up with our social media accounts for updates and information. This box will be limited in supply and will release around the second week of June. (Official restock / theme box release date TBA). 
Extra Tidbits
We have added the seasonal ice packs to the website for heat sensitive products. Please read the listing to understand the best method of use depending on the size of the order you're making. We used these last season with great results. No reports of sweating / extra moisture accumulation or anything and they stayed cool through the shipping process! We've also added mini box cutters for easier product opening and they're also great for opening parcels. 
Have a great week, everyone! 


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