End of Summer Fizzle

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It's been a while since I've made a post here! Lots of stuff to update on, including an upcoming sale, restock, and new items that have come, and have yet to come!
August 24th-25th 15% Off Sale
In honor of my daughter, Pandora, turning 15 on this day, I will be having a 15% off sale! A 15% off code will automatically be applied at check out. This is a one day sale event so take advantage of the savings! 
September 3rd Restock
This restock will be bringing Halloween items! Prepare for new bath bombs, as well as restocked items that are currently running low or sold out. This restock will have bubble bars, wax, shower gels, & bath bombs restocked on top of the new Halloween items coming in. Restock will be at Noon CST. Follow our social media for more updates and sneak peeks!
What's new in the store?
There have been 3 new bubble bars created, 3 new dry clay face masks, new shower gels in all new packaging, and new waxes! Be sure to pay attention to which ones are marked Limited Time. Once those are gone, they're gone! 
This has been by far the most volatile summer I've had to deal with as a business owner of 3 years. (We're entering Year 4 as of November 1st! Can you believe that?!) Restocks have been fewer and far between due to the weather. Even with 3 AC units and 2 large dehumidifiers going, most of the days have remained to hot and humid (even indoors) for proper production. The heat wave is finally starting to back off, so expect more restocks, bigger and better than ever before. 
Thanks for being patient with me this summer! On a personal note, I have also been quietly dealing with some health issues this year. It began as chest pain, issues breathing, constant heart burn, and daily panic attacks. I didn't find out the main issue until this month; these were all symptoms of a Hiatal Hernia. The panic attacks are gone now that I know I'm not dying (I literally thought I was having heart failure or something). It's been a scary year, but with necessary diet and lifestyle changes, I'm finally starting to feel more myself. I usually don't bring up personal things like this, but due to the severity of it and the way it was affecting my business, I wanted to share this with everyone in hopes everyone would understand, since I have come across as more standoffish and not as active. Thanks again to everyone who's expressed concern and helped me through this. One of the amazing parts of being a small business is the bond I create with so many of you and I truly appreciate every single one of you. 
Happy end of summer!! I hope you are all as excited as I am for whats to come.


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