It's Fall, My Dudes

Posted by Erica McGuire on

Happy first day of fall!! Now if only the weather would actually feel like fall instead of summer, am I right? A week from tomorrow, I will be launching the biggest restock that has ever been launched in Fo Shizzle history. Due to higher demand, I've been tripling and even quadrupling batches to ensure there will be enough for everyone. If you're worried about getting cart jacked when a restock launches and don't want to waste time reading descriptions, be sure to read the scent list ahead of time so you can get what you need ASAP without worries. 
What's New?
This restock will be introducing 6 new bath bombs (as well as the restock of the 5 new bath bombs released the previous restock). The new items can actually already be seen on the website and on the Scent Description page as well. I'm aiming to also have 2 new bubble bars done, a new shower gel, and possibly even a new wax. The Scent Description page will be updated as new products are created. 
What's Leaving?
Currently in its final batches are Follow the Signs Bath Bombs, Fresh As Fuck Wax, & Toxicity Wax. 
Products that will be going into their final batches as of 10/1 are Shadow Moses Bath Bombs, Wheeze the Juice Bath Bombs, Crush Bubble Bars, Filth Friends Unite Bubble Bars, Space Queen Bubble Bars, Arcade Nights Shower Gels, Solar Flair Shower Gels, Block Party Wax, Knockout Wax, & Secrets Wax.
A Look Into the Future
I was REALLY aiming to have the new whipped soap formula out this restock but due to a returning heat wave IN THE FALL (ugh stupid southern weather), I'm playing the safe card and releasing them a little bit later in October rather than the start of October. This fall will ALSO see the introduction of a new product; Body Butter!! Thicker and more moisturizing than your average lotion without the greasy feeling. I'll definitely continue to make larger/more batches as demand keeps up. I truly appreciate everyone's support, both new and old. I'm humbled by the increase in traffic and look forward to continue making quality products for you all. Happy fall, y'all!!


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