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Scent List

This scent list is updated pretty consistently as products come and go. If you don't see a specific product visible in the store but see it on this scent list, it is something still in circulation. New scents and leaving scents are individually noted with their specific details for each. As Final Batch (aka Last Chance) products sell out, the scents are then removed from the list promptly. Feel free to email us with any questions regarding fragrances, restocks, or any other questions!

***UPDATED 11/11/19 4:24am CST | NEXT RESTOCK MONDAY 11/18 4PM CST ***


Bath Bombs

God Wears Gucci - Mint, Chamomile, Hay, Bees Wax, Grass, Aged Oak, Oakmoss, & Cinnamon (Compare to Lush’s ‘The Smell of Weather Turning’)


Bubble Bars



Shower Gels

Fukk Sleep (Coming 11/18) - Champagne, Vanilla, Citrus, Light Greenery, Light Woods, & Dr Pepper (House Blend)

Sleepless (Coming 11/18) -  Patchouli, Vanilla, & Black Pepper (Compare to Lush's 'Lord of Misrule')

The Serpentine Offering (Final Batch) - Gummy Candy & Green Apple Jolly Rancher (House Blend)

Vague Skies (Coming 11/18) - Lemon, Lime, Pineapple, Orange, Gardenia, Lemongrass, Rose, Vanilla, Strawberry, Raspberry, Peach & Musk (House Blend)


Whipped Soaps 

Crush Whipped Soap - Fizzy Orange Soda

March of the Fire Ants Whipped Soap - Golden Pear, Apple, Bergamot, Crisp Air, & Chrysanthemums (Compare to Bath & Body Works 'Autumn Day')

Tonight, Tonight Whipped Soap -  Lavender, Lilac, Eucalyptus, Warm Woods, White Musk, & Warm Sugared Vanilla (Compare to Lush's 'Twilight')


Whipped Sugar Scrubs

Ok Boomer (Coming 11/18) - Pear, Mint, Black Pepper, Bamboo, Black Currant, Lily, Tuberose, Sandalwood, Musk, & Violet (Bamboo Mint Blend)

Tempting Time (Coming 11/18) - Strawberry Jam, Apple, Peony Petals, Vanilla Bean, Honey, Vanilla Musk & Caramel (Compare to Lush's Rose Jam + Honey I Washed the Kids)


Wax Melts

Block Party (Final Batch) - Orange, Vanilla, & Caramelized Sugar (Orange Creamsicle & Cream Soda) (House Blend)

Clairvoyant - Earl Gray Tea, Eucalyptus, Pine, Apple, Lemon, Apricot, Snow Blossom, Musk, Amber, & Sandalwood (House Blend)

I'll Finish This Book Later - Aged Bourbon, Dark Rum, Vanilla Extract, Pumpkin Puree, & Fresh Baked Bread (House Blend)

Secrets (Final Batch) - Fresh Cut Grass, Red Roses, Cyclamen, & Wild Flowers (House Blend)

Smokahontas - Rooibos Red Tea, Tobacco Leaf, Sweet Honey, Leather, Cedarwood, Cherry Wood, & Vanilla Bean (House Blend)